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One of a Kind Latin American Artinsary

This brand identity was created for “One of a kind” an online store of Latin handicrafts of ancestral origin, for the brand identity the origin of the owners Venezuela and Brazil was used as inspiration, composed of an asymmetric and polygonal pattern present in many of the textile arts of Andean origin with the hand of the Corcovado Christ of Rio de Janeiro in the center, in addition to vivid colors present in all South American culture.

For the visual identity, accent elements present in the South American culture and a handwritten style typography were used.

Since the store was located in the State of Florida (USA), the use of bright colors also served to connect the establishment with the local culture of the state, who are the target market of this brand.

A serif style font was used to give it elegance and sobriety at the same time, without losing legibility, a diamond with thin strokes was used to be related to its first logo, achieving a connection with the brand’s trajectory.